Large or small, standard or challenging, we provide a wide range of heavy civil and underground utilites services. We use the latest GPS technology, drones and digital photography to ensure accuracy, and shorten timelines while keeping costs in check.


“Oftedal is one of the most capable heavy civil contractors in the western U.S. The Oftedal name is synonymous with high quality and extreme capability. They are the company to call on for the big jobs, the emergency jobs and those jobs that others just aren’t cut out for. They have the gear, manpower and expertise to conquer the most challenging projects. Any Project Owner will be proud to have had the Oftedal team on the job.”

Dusty Spomer, PE (WY,CO, MT, UT), Aviation Services Deputy Director

Heavy Civil Construction









Excavating and Grading

We use our contemporary fleet of production scrapers, dozers, motor graders, excavators, and off-road haul trucks to safely and economically complete any earthmoving project regardless of size or location.

Mass Excavation

Mass Excavation

When you’ve got a lot of dirt to move to prepare a site for construction, we’re your go-to contractor. We use the latest equipment and technology to ensure constructability.

Site Preparation

Site Preparation

We are experienced in all phases of preparing construction sites. You can count on us for site surveying, grading, leveling, clearing land, drainage, earthmoving, and demolition.


Highway and Road

We construct roads and highways to connect local communities to each other and beyond.


We have experience working with the largest rail companies in the world, providing grade work, rail siding, rail ballast and road construction (secondary, main, and frontage).

Mine & Power Plant

Mine & Power Plant

When it comes to mine and power plant work we have the expertise and experience needed to get the job done correctly and safely, while meeting all MSHA, OSHA, DEQ and EPA regulations.

Non-Renewable & Renewable Energy

Experts in energy site prep work, including the construction of roads, pads, laydown yards, underground utilities and earthen containment structures.

  • Renewable – Nuclear, Geothermal, Wind, Solar, and Hydro projects
  • Non-Renewable – Coal, Oil, Gas, Natural Gas and Hydrogen projects

Underground Utilities

We expertly install underground utilities, including water, sewer pipelines, and stormwater structures.


We provide heavy civil services for new airport construction, runway extensions, reconstruction, and rehabilitating aging runways.

Storm Drain Pipe and Culvert Installation

We employ safe trenching and excavation techniques that comply or exceed OSHA standards to install a variety of storm pipe and culverts.

Pond & Reservoirs

We are skilled in constructing flood control structures, dams, dikes, ponds and reservoirs for industrial needs. We also reclaim old ponds that adhere to state DEQ, and EPA CCR regulations.

GPS Surveying

We use the latest Topcon and Wingtra drone surveying equipment to rapidly capture and collect digital data to electronically map and stake an entire job site.

Environmental Stewardship

We work in pristine environments such as Yellowstone National Park, and can manage any environmentally sensitive project. When we disturb areas, we go above and beyond to protect water and air quality.


Oftedal has the experience, expertise and assets to successfully complete complex heavy civil and underground utility projects exceeding clients expectations by:

Maintaining a reputation of excellence in the industry

Utilizing the latest GPS technology including drones

Maintaining and continually updating our fleet

Responding quickly

Employing highly skilled and experienced staff

Working together with clients and employees as a team


Like any successful relationship, a business partnership is based on mutual goals and objectives. Here are the basics when it comes to working with Oftedal:


We do business with both public and private sector clients who are well-established in their respective industries.


We do business within a multi-state trade area, including Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

Mutual Trust

We rely upon our clients to trust in our capabilities to expertly manage and perform the services for which we are contracted.

An Emphasis On The Future

Through expert performance and reliability, we have established many long-term relationships with clients, some as long as 40 years. We work smart to earn our clients trust and hope to develop a long, mutually-beneficial relationship.

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