The company celebrated the first of two 50 year anniversary events on September 25 , 2014. Approximately 100 employees (present & retired), past and present business partners, vendors and friends gathered at the Miles City shop for the historic event.

The event was highlighted by Bill O. circulating through the crowd of 100 plus attendees and singling out the company’s very first business partners who graciously shared their experiences of helping Ed and Bill work through the many challenges associated with beginning and sustaining the company. People enjoyed mingling and looking at the 50th employ collage, awards table, a vintage company slide show from the 1960’s-1970’s, a second slide show from the 1980’s – present and a map showing most company projects completed since 1964.

50 Year Anniversary

Attendees enjoy delicious food provided by the Miles City Rib & Chop House.

Underscored by the Alliant Build America Award, we received this March at the Associated General Contractors of Americas conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, two tables showcased the many industry and safety awards the company has earned over the last five decades.

50 Year Anniversary

Attendees enjoy delicious food provided by the Miles City Rib & Chop House.

Thirty year employee Helen Killen greets event guests. For the better part of her 30 years, Helen managed payroll, employee benefits and all matters associated with these areas. Her three decades of dedication and devotion to the company is an example to all. Thank you Helen for 30 distinguished years!

Helen Killen

Company Treasure: Helen Killen

Bill Gottwals

US Bank Regional President

US Bank regional president , Bill Gottwals, speaks of the 48 year partnership US Bank has valued with Oftedal Construction, Inc.

Cary Hegreberg

Montana Contractors’ Association Executive Director

Cary Hegreberg, Montana Contractors’ Association Executive Director, comments on when he became director at the MCA he was given a list of go to members. E.H. Oftedal & Sons Inc. and Bill Oftedal were the first on that list.

John Leaf

Oftedal’s Bonding Agent From Hub International

John Leaf, Oftedal’s bonding agent from Hub International, shares his experiences with Oftedal.