Project Details

Owner: Yellowstone National Park
Location: Yellowstone National Park – Northeast Entrance Road Cooke City/Silver Gate, MT
Contract Value: $25,000,000.00
Company Role: Prime Contractor

Project Video

Project Description

In June 2022 unprecedented rainfall caused substantial flooding, rockslides and mudslides within Yellowstone National Park causing catastrophic damage to the NE Entrance Road along the Soda Butte Creek corridor and within the Lamar River Canyon. Flooding caused major washouts, embankment loss, significant bank erosion and loss of road material, asphalt, asphalt tension cracks, accumulated flood debris, mid channel gravel bar development, creek avulsion and formation of new primary channels.

The project’s essential purpose was to re-establish vehicular access between Silver Gate/Cooke City, MT to essential services in Mammoth Hot Springs, WY, Gardiner, MT, and beyond before seasonal closure of the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway and the Beartooth Highway to Red Lodge, MT, permanently isolated Silver Gate/Cook City residents and businesses.

Beyond the ambitious construction timeline, three months, the Northeast Entrance Emergency Road Repair Phase One project was characterized by, installation/removal of multiple super stack stream diversion systems in Soda Butte Creek, removal of wooded flood debris in culverts and along all road washout areas, complete rebuild of 1,125 LF of NE Entrance Road washouts along Soda Butte Creek, roadway excavation, multiple culvert installations, import/placement of Class 5 Riprap and road aggregate with the nearest source 100 miles inside Yellowstone National Park and the furthest source 168 miles outside Yellowstone National Park,  install 1,200 LF underdrain, wooden bridge rail replacement and installation, asphalt paving and regrading 20,000 LF of Soda Butte Creek streambed channel.

Exceptional collaboration and teamwork between all stakeholders met the three month construction deadline, restoring emergency assistance and other essential services to Silver Gate/Cooke City and reestablished safe public access through Yellowstone National Park by October 15, 2022.