Project Details

Owner: Wyoming DOT
Location: Wind River Canyon Scenic Byway, WY
Time Frame: 2021-2022
Contract Value: $8,739,755.00
Company Role: Prime Contractor

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Project Description

The Wind River Canyon Slide project was a unique and highly technical project characterized by rock fall mitigation, scaling, attenuator systems, rockfall mesh install, slide stabilization, aggregate column construction, grading and stormwater culvert installation along the Wind River Canyon Scenic Byway between Boysen Reservoir Dam and Thermopolis, WY.

Slide stabilization occurring at the Upper Wind River Campground Landslide was achieved by installing a non-earthen coffer dam to control river flow and segregate river water from work activities. A work platform was constructed using lifts of biaxial geogrid and slide stabilization rock (SSR) in and along the Wind River. The platform was constructed to withstand the loads of a 100-ton drill rig and 150-ton crane in all conditions.

Using the 100-ton drill rig, 138, 6-foot diameter shafts were drilled to a minimum depth of 37’ in and along the Wind River. Each shaft, or aggregate column, was back filled with approximately 81 tons of crushed aggregate using articulated dump trucks equipped with specialized discharge chutes improving backfill time and minimizing crushed aggregate waste. The aggregate columns densified and reinforced the existing soils to mitigate future slides. Slide stabilization was completed in lifts using biaxial geogrid, erosion control geotextile, 1”-6” slide stabilization rock (SSR) and compacted unclassified excavation.

High risk rock fall mitigation work was completed by skilled subcontractors. This dangerous work included scaling loose rock, installing rock fall mesh and attenuator systems designed to prevent falling rock from landing on the road surface.